Business Improvement

Business system reviews

We can review the way your organisation works, the documentation currently in use and processes.  Once reviewed a report is produced which details recommended changes required to improve performance and streamline processes.

Process mapping

An assessment of your organisation’s processes and create process maps at various levels.  From the top level to the most basic operations / processes.   An independent perspective is invaluable as a tool to ensure that best business practices are in place minimising wastes such as over processing, double handling, job role confusion etc.  This will ensure you have the right people with the right skills in the correct positions.

Process documentation

According to the ISO 9001 standard there are various processes within your organisation which must be documented and instances where records must be kept.  There are also instances where your organisation needs to document a process or keep records.  We will review your requirements and needs and create a management system tailored for your organisation with the minimum of paperwork.

Key Performance Indicators

Need help managing the information in your business?  We review the data and produce meaningful management information to help your business develop an improved awareness and target opportunities to save time, money and improve customer satisfaction.

Cost of Quality

The cost of issues such as non-conformance, product defects, rework and warranty isn’t often reported in business as a whole.  But it helps motivate your business to focus on the areas which are costing you the most in terms of time, resources and customer satisfaction.   We operate with complete confidentiality and can calculate this cost for you, formulating and delivering a detailed report on where your business could save ££££’s and therefore increasing overall profit.

Gap analysis to ISO9001:2015

Thinking of becoming certified to ISO9001?  We can help by carrying out a review of your business and formulating an action plan based on the gap. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in further detail.

Relief Quality Manager Service

Full cover provided for short term holiday, mentoring, and sabbatical cover.